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The University of Rajasthan is one of the oldest and premier schools in the country. It is, on the other hand, the largest and state of the art university in the State of Rajasthan. U.R. holds esteemed records for its academic excellence, diverse programmes, global research citations, renowned faculty members and alumni, and modern facilities. But, above all, since its inception, U.R. boasts of staying faithful to its mission and vision.

Our story

U.R. was founded in the 20th century. Among the other early schools in the country, U.R. stands out as the only college to have ever created by Indian locals. Our founders believed that the educational institute built in the country should be laid under the basis of Indian culture, tradition, and history. U.R. was built with the belief in serving the youth of India and to produce them as the country’s future leaders.

Since its opening, U.R. humbly began with only 3 faculties: Arts, Law, and Engineering. The 3 were placed in a single building and only had 422 students. But today, U.R. has over 70 academic programmes from bachelor’s to doctoral, 16 buildings, and over 65 tenured professors, 43 tenure-track faculty members (Asst. Profs to Assoc. Profs), and 21 skilled instructors.


In our 70 programmes, the faculties of Arts, Law, Eng., and Health Sciences have been awarded with Centres of Excellence. Other notable departments, such as Bio, Chem, Education, Cultural Heritage, English Language Studies, Music, and Accountancy have been granted the status of Centres of Advanced Studies.



‘To promote excellence in education and research by teaching independent critical thought and scientific temper’.


‘Promotion of interdisciplinary research on convergence of science and technologies’. 


‘In the pursuit of high quality research about the economy, social development, languages, arts, culture, energy and nature’.


‘To prepare students for Careers in the fields of Science, Social Science, Humanities, Commerce, Mgmt, Fine Arts, Sports, Eng. & Tech’.


‘To globally promote Indian academic quality; and for Indian students to be recognized for their excellence in research, intellect, and talent. Above all, to remain true and firm to its mission in spite of the global economic challenges’.


‘The whole world is sustainable only by virtue of Satya, Ahimsa, Tyag, Pragna, Karuna, and Maitri’.

U.R. Programmes

Note: Complete list U.R. programmes and its sub-fields can be found on this page: Under-Grad programmes and Post-Grad programmes.

Colleges and Departments

College of Arts

College of Commerce

College of Education

College of Eng. and Tech.

College of Fine Arts

College of Law

College of Mgmt.

College of Science

College of Social Science

Contact Us

If you have any questions about U.R., such as its enrolment methods, online class set-ups, maintaining payments, and even faculty and staff employment, you may find the answers here on this page: Contact Us | FAQs University of Rajasthan.


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