Bachelor of Science Undergrad Degree – B.Sc.

Bachelor of Science Undergrad Degree – B.Sc.

The bachelor of science (B.Sc.) degree that typically lasts three or four years. The programs under this degree focus on scientific, mathematical, technical, and theoretical disciplines of its fields. The University of Rajasthan offers this and bachelor of arts (B.A.).

Fields of B.Sc.

The B.Sc. can range between different degrees from biology, computer sciences, and arts. Students who complete courses under this degree will learn the scientific aspects of the following fields and gain the ability to work with experts. 

Computer Science

Computer science is for students who wish to pursue a career in making computers or its programs. It is a popular field because of the growth of today’s technology and the increasing need for user-friendly interfaces.

Information Technology

While also working to maintain and fix computers, students of information technology are geared towards helping maintain the means for communication between colleagues. They centralize all of a company’s computers so co-workers in other fields can work smoothly.

Business Administration

Study the basics of handling businesses of any industry. They are taught how to handle finance, business management, accounting, communication and business law. This is enough to help them handle their own small business or work as a manager for other companies.


It is perhaps the first thing people think about when somebody mentions ‘science’. Biology encompasses all life from humans, animals, and plants to microbes. Most students of this field pursue higher education to be an expert in specific fields. 


Instead of studying life, chemistry is a study of elements and compounds. Contrary to popular belief, their studies aren’t only helping the medical industry. Their service also serves architecture, engineering, computer science, arts, and more.

Mechanical Engineering

The industrial revolution has introduced the world to the power of machines and it has persisted to the modern world. Mechanical engineers improve the lives of the public using powerful automated machines. 

Mental Healthcare and Psychology

The human mind can be measured and interpreted with the help of science and that is exactly what psychologists aim to do. They do this to help individuals control their complex thoughts and guide them away from being self-destructive.


The flow of sales and income can be under anyone’s control for as long as they know how the system works. This field will dabble in finance, entrepreneurship, information study, arts, and mathematics. Marketing students only have two goals: to reach as many numbers of audiences as possible and to gain their trust for one’s business. 

Honourable Mentions

The field of arts can be found on either or b.a. depending on the school. If it is found under then one may expect to learn multiple mediums and how they are used in the industry of entertainment or information. It may also cover topics on how colours and figures are used in marketing rather than expression.

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