What to Expect in the Masters of Commerce

What to Expect in the Masters of Commerce

Learning is a never-ending process. Gladly, there are several postgraduate courses that can help us learn further even after completing college programs. So, if you’re interested in learning more about economics, then you may want to know more about subjects like marketing, accounting, and management to further expand on what you wish to know. 


Among the University of Rajasthan post-graduate programs that we offer is the Masters of Commerce. Requiring you with two more years of further education, enrolling in this course may be beneficial for you to venture further into your desired path. 


With that, here are some things which you may want to include in your list of expectations if you are applying for a Masters in Commerce programme. 

Understanding commerce

To have a degree focused on commerce is to have a deeper understanding of financial transactions, information, as well as trading values. Providing a more analytical approach to business and economics, commerce graduates are faced with tons of career opportunities before them as they finish their chosen programs. 


Indeed, digging deeper into this field is no joke as it requires lots of analysis and interpretations of the economic field. With that, students under this course must brace themselves for years of study as this never goes old. 


Like any other course, commerce has a deep concentration in several fields. Here are some of them:


  • Management – Degree holders of the Masters of Commerce can be effective when it comes to general management. With their knowledge about the legalizations and the right implementations, they can further assist companies when it comes to their economical status. 


  • Theories – Aside from handling management issues, degree holders of the Masters of Commerce will also have a deep understanding of the theories that will support further knowledge for the analysis of information. With that, they will learn how to connect things with one another and see the best approaches for different scenarios. 


To be qualified for a Masters of Commerce program, one would need a record which can prove that they have already undertaken a related undergraduate program. Using that as a prerequisite to this course, students will be able to further expand their knowledge on what has been taught to them in their undergrad courses. 


With that, here are some of the basic subjects that you can expect to see in the curriculum of the said course. 


  • Economics
  • Marketing Management
  • Information Technology
  • Business Communication
  • Behavioral Science
  • Foreign Business Language
  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounting and Finance


Overall, earning a Masters degree in Commerce is not an easy thing to do. Although you can land in great jobs after you have completed your undergraduate years, having a masters degree can give you greater opportunities. With that, you will be proven that two years of extra education will really be worth it. 


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