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rkcl.vmou.ac.in Answer Key 2019 – Parishkar RSCIT Paper Answer Key Set A B C D. What is Big Data RKCL Answer Key 2019 (Sunday). Rajasthan State Certification Course for Information Technology RSCIT rkcl.vmou.ac.in Answer Key Download PDF.

RSCIT 2019 Question Paper Solution – Set A B C D Download [www.rscit.co.in]

1. Non Volatile Memory – is used for secondary Storage.
2. VLSI Full Form – Very Large Scale Integration
3. HTML is Used to Create – Documents on the World Wide Web (www).
4. What is Flowchart – Type of Diagram used to Represents Algorithm, Process or Workflow.

Latest Update – 2:00 Pm on 2 September 2019

Students appeared in the Exam of RSCIT Today. Questions Asked in the Question paper were simple. More than 50% Students may Score 100 Percentile. There was a news of RSCIT Paper leaked Today. We don’t Think so that RSCIT Exam question Paper was Available in the Market before the Test. Students may see the 35 Correct Answer of all Questions Mentioned in the Paper of 2 September 2018. RSCIT Answer Key Paper Code A B C D Check on this page by Today Only. Parishkar Coaching Jaipur RSCIT 2019 Answer key will help you to Know all the Answers and calculate your Exact Scoring Marks. 

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rkcl.vmou.ac.in Answer Key 2019 – Parishkar RSCIT Answer Key January 2019

Huge No. of Students from all the District of the Rajasthan appeared in the Rajasthan KNowledge Corporation Limited Conducted RS-CIT 2019 Exam on 2 September. Each Students who appear in the Exam get 35 Questions in Exam to Solve in 60 Minutes. Minimum Passing Marks needed to pass the RSCIT Exam set as 28. Match Your Answer using RSCIT Paper Answer Key 2.09.2019 (Sunday) available on this Portal. Find out How Many Questions are Correct out of You attempted. Correct Answer will Provide you 2 Marks & No Negative Marking is Imposed in the RSCIT 2019 Exam.

राजस्थान नॉलेज कारपोरेशन लिमिटेड द्वारा 2 September को आयोजित RSCIT की परीक्षा कुंजी सेट A B C D के लिए यहाँ पर प्राप्त करे | परीक्षा में पूछे गए सभी प्रश्नो के उत्तर आपको यहाँ दर्शा दिए जायेंगे | थोड़ी देर बाद इस पर पुनः पधारे और अपने सेट की उत्तर कुंजी डाउनलोड करे |

RSCIT Answer Key 21 January 2018 By Uniraj

RSCIT Paper Answer Key 2019 :- Download the Question Paper Solution of RSCIT Exam 2019 from the Official Website rkcl.vmou.ac.in. Official Portal will took some time to Release the RKCL Answer Key whereas various Coachings like Parishkar Jaipur Uploaded the RSCIT Exam Answer Key on their Portal by Today only. 

RSCIT 21 जनवरी परीक्षा के पेपर कोड बी की उत्तर कुंजी इस पेज पर दाल दी गयी है | सभी कोड के पेपर में यही सब प्रश्न पूछे गए थे | आप सभी के उत्तर यहाँ देखे और जाने के आपने 35 में से कितने प्रश्नो के उत्तर सही दिए है | ये भी जान ले की पास होने के लिए आपको 28 अंको की जरुरत है | धन्यवाद …

RSCIT answer key 21 Jan 2018
RSCIT Answer Key 21 January 2018
RSCIT Answer Key 21.1.2018 PDF
VMOU RKCL RSCIT Answer Key 2018
RSCIT Answer Key 21st January 2018
RSCIT Answer Key 2018

Which of the Following is not an Operating System, What is meaning of Acronym GBPS, Big Data Kya Hai, What is the Use of Paste with Live Preview in MS Excel 2010, Valid Type of Network Topology – all these Questions asked in RSCIT Exam on 2 September 2019. 

RSCIT 2019 Answer Key – Parishkar Coaching Jaipur [rkcl.vmou.ac.in]

The Text Booklet Series A B C D of RSCIT Exam 2019 Contain 35 Questions. Examinee Required to Give answer of all the Questions given in OMR Answer Sheet to Score Good Marks. Each Question Asked in RSCIT Exam Carry 2 Marks. Correct Given Answer for Particular Question will Provide You Marks. We are Providing the RSCIT Question Paper with Solution of Set A B C D. Visit to this Page at 4 Pm in 2019 to Know the Answers of all the Questions. 

वर्धमान महावीर ओपन विश्विद्यालय द्वारा 2 September को दोपहर १२ बजे से १ बजे तक आर अस सी आई टी की परीक्षा राजस्थान में विभिन केन्द्रो पर आयोजित हुई | इस परीक्षा में लाखो छात्रों ने भाग लिया लेकिन कहा जा रहा है की परीक्षा विवादों में आ गयी क्यों की बहुत से छात्रों के पास परीक्षा आरम्भ होने से पहले ही प्रश्न पत्र पाए गए है | कुछ परीक्षाकेन्द्रो पर उत्तर कुंजी वितरित करने का मामला भी सामने आया है | अगर यह सुचना यूनिवर्सिटी द्वारा सही पायी जाती है तो परीक्षा दोबारा होने के आसार रहेंगे | ताजा जानकारी यहाँ पर अपडेट की जाएगी इसलिए इस पेज पर बने रहे |

RSCIT Exam Answer Key 21st January 2018 - rkcl.vmou.ac.in

RSCIT Answer Key  2019 by Uniraj – www.rscit.co.in

Here is a Good News for all the Aspirants of RSCIT Exam Conducted by RKCL VMOU at Various Centres. Students after appearing in the Exam can Check Parishkar Coaching RSCIT Answer Key 2019. 

Our Experts are Busy in Making RSCIT Set A B C D Answer Key. At 4:15 Pm RSCIT Paper Answer Key will be Uploaded on this Page. 

How to Download RSCIT Paper 2019 RKCL Answer Key 2 September Exam ?

  • To Get Answer key of RSCIT 2 September 2019 Type in Google RSCIT Answer Key by unirajac.in”.
  • Here Search RSCIT Answer Key 2 September in Right sidebar Search Box.
  • You will find the RSCIT Exam Paper Answer Key for Text Booklet Series A B C D. 
  • Download PDF File of RKCL Answer Key to Match Your Answers.
  • Calculate Your Score out of Total 70 Marks. 
  • Minimum 28 Marks Required to Pass the Exam.

Comment below Your Email-ID to Get RSCIT 2019 Answer Key for 2 September Exam. Stay Connected to this Page for More Details regarding the RSCIT Exam 2 September Answer Key. 

RSCIT 2018 Answer Key

RSCIT EXam Question Paper 2 September 2019 with Answers :-

Q. No. 1 __________ is a Personal Information Manager, Which is Mainly used as an Email Application and also Includes Calendar, Task Manager, Note Taking, Journal and Web Browsing.

(A) MS-Excel

(B) MS-Paint

(C) MS-ccess

(D) MS-Outlook

Correct Answer is : D

Q. No. 2 Suppose a Directory Contains Subdirectories and Some Files. What Happens Whenever You Move that Directory From One Location to another Location ?

(A) Only Files Inside the Directory are Moved.

(B) Only Subdirectories Inside that Directory are Moved.

(C) The Directory is Moved but the Source File is Not Moved.

(D) All Files and Subdirectories inside that Directory are Moved.

Correct Answer is : D

Q. No. 3 ______________ is Especially Useful if the Document is almost Done, and You are working with others to make revisions and Feedback.

(A) Windows Hello

(B) Scan Disk

(C) Track Changes

(D) Pivot Table

Correct Answer is : C

Q. No. 4  What are the Correct Steps of Backup and Restore in MS-Outlook 2010 ?

(A) First Export Your Contents from Outlook as .pst File and Import Everything in One go onto Different Computer or Another Mail Profile.

(B) Create a Note and Save it into another Computer. 

(C) Copy the Whole Spreadsheet onto other Computer.

(D) There is No Backup and Restore Process in MS Outlook 2010.

Correct Answer is : A

Q. No. 5 You See the Thumbnails of all the slide in your Presentation to easily Rearrange them in :

(A) Slide Show View

(B) Review

(C) Animation View

(D) Slide Sorter View

Correct Answer is : D

Q. No. 6 ________ is the Shortcut Key to Start Slideshow from the Current Slide in MS-Power Point.

(A) Shift + F5

(B) CTRL + F5

(C) CTRL + Shift + F5

(D) None of the Above

Correct Answer is :-  A

Q. No. 7 _____________________________ is Used to Make a Web Page.

(A) Http



(D) None of the Above.

Correct Answer is : (C) HTML [Answer Given by Raghvi]

Q. No. 8 Which Key Enable you to Delete the Character (S) to the Right of the Cursor ?

(A) End

(B) Backspace

(C) Delete

(D) Home

Correct Answer is : Option (C) Delete

Q. No. 9 The Process of Coping a File into CD/DVD is often Called as 

(A) Storing

(B) Burning

(C) Pasting

(D) Assembling

Correct Option is : Option B (Burning).

Q. 10 Which Folder Provides Temporary Storage for Files and Folder that You Delete ?

(A) Calculator

(B) Dustbin

(C) Recycle Bin

(D) New Folder

Correct Option is : – (C) Recycle Bin

Q.11 Using ________________ Keyboard Keys You can Permanently Delete the File/Folder Such that it is Not Even Available in REcycle Bin.

(A) CTRL + Shift

(B) Shift + Esc

(C) CTRL + Alt

(D) None of the Above

Correct Answer is : (D) – CTRL + Shift+ Delete is the Answer of this Question.

Q. 12 ______________is a Bottom Most Horizontal Bar in MS-Word 2010, Which Contains Several Option like Page Number, Word Count etc.

(A) Title Bar

(B) Status Bar 

(C) Board Bar

(D) Heading Bar

Correct Option is {B}- 

Q No. 13 What Happens if You Edit an Image Inserted on Powerpoint ?

(A) The Source File That was Inserted is not changed.

(B) The Source File that was Inserted is Changed.

The Source File id Changed when You save the Presentation.

(D) None of the Above.

Correct Answer is – C

Q. 14. If User uses MS-Access 2010 and wants to share Database with other users who uses MS-Access 2003 or Earlier then the user must use the Following Format

(A) .accdb

(B) .adb



Correct Answer is : A

Q. 15 If You add a Recipient email address in _______________Box of an email, Copy of the message is send to that Recipient , and Recipient Name is not visible to other recipients of the Message.

(A) To

(B) Cc

(C) Bcc

(D) Subject

Correct Option is :-  C

Q. 16 What is Meaning of acronym GBPS ?

(A) Good Bits Past Secure

(B) Great Bits Previous Secure

(C) Global Bits Public Secure

(D) Gigabits Per Second

Correct Answer is – D

Q. 17 Which of the Following is Storage Device.

(A) CRT Monitor

(B) Hard Disk

(C) Bar Code Reader

(D) Micro Phone

Correct Answer is – (B) Hard Disk

Q. 18 Choose the Most Appropriate option from Following :

(A) The Output Quality of printer is Measured in Hz.

(B) Debit Cards & Credit cards can be used in Electronic Payment System.

(C) OMR Stands for Only Magnetic Readers.

(D) Skype is an Example of System Software.

Correct Answer :- B

Q. 19 The Ribbon in MS Word 2010 Consists a Series of :

(A) Gates

(B) Windows

(C) Tabs

(D) Doors

Correct Answer is :  C

Q. 20 Statement 1 : Watermark option is used to insert ghosted text behind the content if the page in MS Word.

Statement 2: Indent option is used to change the Spacing Between the Paragraphs in the MS Word. 

(A) Statement 1 is Correct & Statement 2 is Incorrect.

(B) Statement 1 is Incorrect and Statement 2 is Correct.

(C) Both are Incorrect

(D) Both are Correct.

Correct Answer is : D

You are Requested to Provide RSCIT Paper Answer of These Questions Below in Comment Box. We Update Your Name with Answer. प्रश्नो के सही उत्तर आप कमेंट में लिख सकते हैं | जो सभी सवालो का सही जवाब देगा उसको इनाम मिलेगा | 


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