{RICE Education} WBCS Made Easy Answer Key 2019 – Preliminary

{RICE Education} WBCS Made Easy Answer Key 2019 [Prelims] for 28th January 2019 Exam. West Bengal Civil Services 28.1.2019 WBCS Preliminary Answer Key Download PDF Set A B C D. WBCS 2019 Question Paper Solution on www.pscwbonline.gov.in

WBCS Made Easy Answer Key 2019 – Sunday Preliminary Exam

-> Who among the following was associated with the French?
Ans.- Haidar Ali
-> The largest Arsenic decontamination/ purification plant in West Bengal is located
-> Muslim League had accepted Mountbatten Plan because
Ans. It had the provision for creation of Pakistan
-> Which country launched its first satellite called Mongol Sat 1 ?
Ans – Mongolia
-> Sikkim became a full-fledged state of India in 1975 (Ans).
-> Who founded the ‘Khalsa’?
Ans. – Gurugovind Singh
-> Which author has been awarded the title ‘Companion of Honours’ on Decmeber 12, 2017?
Ans. JK Rowling
-> Fiscal Deficit is
Ans. All Option Correct Given in Question.-> Kolkata – Mumbai National Highway via Agra is known as NH-3 (Ans).
-> Third Indian Council of Cultural Relations [ICCR] distinguished Indologist Award for the year 2017 was awarded to Japanese Professor
Ans . Hiroshi Marui
-> Fill in the blank with the correct word : Not Withstanding his humiliation, he attended the function.
-> “Call up” means : Invite (Ans)
-> Use a suitable Auxiliary Verb to fill in the blank space :
In all probability it Will rain tonight
-> She had better Moved the room
-> The girl Takes After her mother
-> She liked the Latter plan better
-> multicoloured Bow was Seen in Sky.
-> “A bolt from the blue” means – Sudden Disaster (Ans)
-> Classic Answer – of the first or highest quality
-> Excited about dinner, John ran the whole way home

-> She was running short Of time
-> An Ornithologist deals with – Birds (Ans)
-> An indefatigable person remains – Untired (Ans)
-> He stood in hot water –
Ans. – In Trouble or Disgrace.
-> We didn’t really want that particular hotel, but it was a case of Hobson’s Choice.
Ans.- taking what is available or nothing at all
-> Germany (Ans) won the 2017 FIFA Confederation Cup.
-> Jaswant Singh (Ans) Rajput ruler was not a contemporary of Akbar
-> Viceroy Lord Linlithgow (Ans) described the Quit India Movement [1942] as by far the most serious rebellion since 1857?
-> Party founded by Subhash Bose was – Azad Hind Fauz (Ans)

WBCS Preliminary Answer Key 28.1.2019 – Download

Here We are Providing a No. of Questions Correct Answer. These Questions asked in the WBCS Examination Held on 28th January 2019. Check the Correct Answer of Each Question. Made Easy WBCS Answer Key Given on the Link Given Below will Provide You all the Questions Answer on this Page. tell Us More Questions and We will Update the Answers of all the Questions. Click Here to Check WBCS Preliminary Answer Key 2019. 


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