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Bachelor of Science Undergrad Degree – B.Sc.

Bachelor of Science Undergrad Degree – B.Sc.

Bachelor of Science Undergrad Degree – B.Sc.

The bachelor of science (B.Sc.) degree that typically lasts three or four years. The programs under this degree focus on scientific, mathematical, technical, and theoretical disciplines of its fields. The University of Rajasthan offers this and bachelor of arts (B.A.).

Fields of B.Sc.

The B.Sc. can range between different degrees from biology, computer sciences, and arts. Students who complete courses under this degree will learn the scientific aspects of the following fields and gain the ability to work with experts. 

Computer Science

Computer science is for students who wish to pursue a career in making computers or its programs. It is a popular field because of the growth of today’s technology and the increasing need for user-friendly interfaces.

Information Technology

While also working to maintain and fix computers, students of information technology are geared towards helping maintain the means for communication between colleagues. They centralize all of a company’s computers so co-workers in other fields can work smoothly.

Business Administration

Study the basics of handling businesses of any industry. They are taught how to handle finance, business management, accounting, communication and business law. This is enough to help them handle their own small business or work as a manager for other companies.


It is perhaps the first thing people think about when somebody mentions ‘science’. Biology encompasses all life from humans, animals, and plants to microbes. Most students of this field pursue higher education to be an expert in specific fields. 


Instead of studying life, chemistry is a study of elements and compounds. Contrary to popular belief, their studies aren’t only helping the medical industry. Their service also serves architecture, engineering, computer science, arts, and more.

Mechanical Engineering

The industrial revolution has introduced the world to the power of machines and it has persisted to the modern world. Mechanical engineers improve the lives of the public using powerful automated machines. 

Mental Healthcare and Psychology

The human mind can be measured and interpreted with the help of science and that is exactly what psychologists aim to do. They do this to help individuals control their complex thoughts and guide them away from being self-destructive.


The flow of sales and income can be under anyone’s control for as long as they know how the system works. This field will dabble in finance, entrepreneurship, information study, arts, and mathematics. Marketing students only have two goals: to reach as many numbers of audiences as possible and to gain their trust for one’s business. 

Honourable Mentions

The field of arts can be found on either or b.a. depending on the school. If it is found under then one may expect to learn multiple mediums and how they are used in the industry of entertainment or information. It may also cover topics on how colours and figures are used in marketing rather than expression.

University of Rajasthan | Undergraduate Program

University of Rajasthan | Undergraduate Program

University of Rajasthan | Undergraduate Program


Welcome, incoming Freshies, to the University of Rajasthan undergraduate program. See on this page which college and course is the most suitable for you.

College of Arts and Music

  • Theater Arts: This refines the students’ voice intonation and body movements as they convey artistic expression. This programme is a vehicle for students and viewers to ponder on the troubling issues of life. It is a process of enhancing their emotions and empathy as they slowly understand others’ stories and points of view.


  • Fine Arts: An art field where you are to study and make your own aesthetics, beauty, and meaning.


  • Music: Students are expected to choose their major field once they have reached their 2nd year. Below are the available majors in the U.R.
  1. Trumpet
  2. Trombone
  3. French Horn
  4. Tuba
  5. Percussion
  6. Conducting (Choral/Orchestral/Band)
  7. Jazz
  8. Music History
  9. Musical Theater
  10. Music Edu. 

College of Humanities 

Care to know about the study of humanity and human relations? Through Humanities, you are to delve in the study of human values and various cultures. A gateway in understanding who you are and the world around you — and how you wish to impact the world and it to you.


What you’ll mostly do: Read, write, research, creative thinking, analysis, and theorising


Here are our offered Humanities courses:


  • Philosophy: This is a wide subject as it studies the general and basic questions about life: our existence, knowledge, values, reason, and mind. You are to study Ethics, Logic, Metaphysics, Aesthetics, and others. 


  • History: A branch of knowledge where you are to study a continuous, orderly narrative of past events, and how they explain the present and forewarn the future. Due to its nature in learning past events, it was agreed that History is part of the Humanities instead of Social Science.


  • Literature: The critical study and theorising about a large number of published literary works, such as novels, poems, plays, songs, etc.


  • Arabic Studies: This is a field of study that centers about Arabs, the Arab World — the Islamic literature and civilization. 


  • English Language Studies: This studies the past and present status of the English language. 


  • Buddhist Studies: This field is also known as Buddhology. It focuses on the history, culture, arts, philosophy, and other fields and subjects related to Buddhism.


  • Sanskrit Studies: It is the study of the classical and ancient language of India and its other related areas therein. 


  • Asian Studies: The diplomatic, historical, cultural, political, and economic study of Asia and its countries therein. It provides a deeper insight on how Asia has shaped our global economy and politics. 

College of Social Science

Social Science is a wide discipline that studies societies and the linkages between them through scientific methods.


What you’ll mostly do: Read, digest cases, write, research, abstract scientific thinking


Here are our offered Social Science courses:


  • Political Science: This discipline studies the nature of structure, power, and authority through the course of time, and how it shaped and reshaped the local and global systems. 


  • Economics: This is concerned with the behaviour of people as they deal with scarce resources. It is the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services at the local and global levels. Put it simply, it is the relations between people, scarcity, and choice.


  • Sociology: The original ‘science of society’. This area studies the relations between an individual and their behaviour in the society that they belong to. It also aims to understand the bond, yet at the same time, the distinction between societies and cultures all over the world. 


  • Legal Management: It’s a hybrid field of the studies of law and management. Its purpose is to develop the framework of business management that is backed with a strong legal foundation. This teaches students good governance, which helps them create a healthier environment of global business. 


  • Library and Information Science: This is the application of the practices and techniques from Information Technology and Education as they collect, organize, preserve and distribute materials in libraries.

College of Commerce and Mgmt.

The field of Commerce deals with the local and global financial markets, information, transactions, and the trading of economic value.


  • Financial Mgmt: A strong business foundation on theory, principles, and methods that would give a reliable and wise decision in finances and investments.


  • Marketing Mgmt: A strong business foundation as it prepares students to be responsive in the stages of planning, organising, controlling, and enforcing marketing policies and tactics. 


  • Entrepreneurship: A broad study of business mgmt as it teaches the future entrepreneurs of every concept used in starting and developing a business venture. 

College of Education

A college that is devoted to the preservation of scholarship both in the local and global settings. 


  • Primary and Secondary Educ.: Students are expected to choose their field of expertise once they have reached their 2nd year college. Below are the available Educ. majors in U.R.
  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Science


  • Early Childhood Educ.: This programme prepares students for both the art and science of teaching children with ages ranging from 2 to 8. 

College of Eng. & Tech.

Engineering, in general, is the design, build, conduct experiments, and solving problems while borrowing major ideas and principles from several various disciplines, such as math, science, business management, and even social sciences.


Here are our offered Eng. and Tech. courses:


  • Civil Eng.: This course provides students with well-equipped knowledge in the design, construction, and support of the physical and naturally built surroundings, such as roads, buildings, bridges, canals, dams, airports, and others.


  • Chemical Eng.: This course uses the principles of chemistry, physics, math, biology, and economics as they produce, design, and transform energy and materials.


  • Mechanical Eng.: This is one of the oldest and broadest engineering branches. It uses the teachings of physics and math as they design and create power-producing machines and power-using machines.


  • Electrical Eng.: This field is the design, build, and support of electrical control systems, equipment, and devices.

College of Law

The home of the would-be barristers, solicitors, paralegals, counsels, and judges. A programme that is designed to prepare students to be moral, upright, and responsive in the process of enforcing and defending the law within a given jurisdiction.

College of Science

Here are our offered Science courses:


  • Chemistry: A field of science concerned with the study of matter and the chemical properties, composition, and structure of substances known as elements and compounds. This area understands every chemical transformation and the processes it took to undergo. 


  • Geography: It is a field of science that deals with the study of lands, features, people, and every physical property of Earth’s surface. This gives you a wider perspective on how humans have altered natural systems and it to them.


  • Physics: One of the broadest fields of science as it deals with the understanding of how the natural world (and universe) works and behaves. It aims to widen the already existing knowledge of matter and its motion, such as the movement of force, energy, mass, and charge.


  • Biology: This is the scientific study of life and living organisms, such as their physical structure, chemical process, qualities, behaviour, and their growth and development. 


  • Statistics: The math and science that allows us to collect, analyze, and interpret a large number of numerical data. This discipline is the reason as to how and why we are able to track the number of the local and global population. 


  • Mathematics: An incredibly wide field of study and perhaps the language of every nation. It is the abstract science of number, quantity, structure, and space. It is the most possible solution in solving the truth and falsity of such world problems. 


  • Zoology: This field of study is also known as ‘animal science’. It falls under the branch of Biology that deals with the study of animal life.


Are you having trouble choosing which course you’d take? U.R. gives you advice as you make one of the biggest decisions in your education phase.


  • Why?: Every time that you make a decision, always ask the question, ‘Why?’. Could it be because of your parents? Or the salary? Or is it really because of your passion? Either of 3, the most important is, how happy and content would you be?


  • Skills: Interest in a field of study is good, but always align your skills, strengths, and personal traits.


  • Career perspectives: Every course would give you a great job — even if it’s not aligned with your actual major. The knowledge and skills that you gained from it will help you apply for a long list of careers. But again, ask yourself if you see yourself happy and content with the job that you’ll be doing for a very long time. 


Contact Us

Tell us which programme and course that you deem applying for here at U.R. Give us a call/message through the following contact details below. We are very much pleased to see you studying at U.R.


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